AngloConglomerateS is proud to announce its newest venture into signals and education

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Maintaining the lowest fees while delivering the best quality high hit rate entries and exits , ACCAPITAL will operate on telegram on 2 separate groups and an excel sheet to police progress and transparency , starting at a modest price of

$88 for a month

$238 for 3 months

$388 for 6 months

$688 for a year

With a price hike of a dollar for every 200 pips made , the goal of 12000-16000 stands and is legally backed by a money back guarantee should ACCAPITAL not hit their annual pip goal of 12000-16000 pips

“ Passive income is so important for many in the pandemic which is why we priced our signals way below its value allowing traders who have a small capital a shot as well at thriving through “ - A spokesman for ACCAPITAL said

A risk management and resource booklet will be made available too.

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